Article first published 23/06/2006

Ray Nowell, technical officer of the Door & Hardware Federation (DHF), has been elected vice president of the federation which governs trade associations of industrial and commercial doors and shutter makers across Europe .  
Ray was elected at the recent General Assembly of the European Door and Shutter Federation held in Italy . His election comes at an important time for the EDSF, which is due to expand further following the enlargement of the European Union.  
The EDSF was set up in the late 1980s to look after the interests of door and shutter makers during the drafting of harmonised test methods for fire resistance and other European standards. The UK 's own Door and Shutter Manufacturers' Association was one of the founder members of the EDSF.  
EDSF has now expanded its membership and its presence in Europe , representing 14 associations across eight countries. It acts as a lobbying group in Europe , concentrating its efforts on safeguarding its members' interests on issues including health and safety, product standards and CE marking.  
Said Ray: ”°It's an honour to become vice president. My election follows a tradition of the UK industry being a most active member of the EDSF. The former chief executive officer of the DHF, Derek Smith, served as both vice president and president of the EDSF during the Nineties. I look forward to playing an active part in the further development of the EDSF over the next few years.”±  
Ray, who has more than thirty years' experience in the design, production and installation of virtually all types of steel industrial doors, has been the technical officer for the DHF since 2002. He has been chairman of the EDSF Harmonisation Group One, which is charged with the task of covering the harmonising of fire products, for the past two years. He has previously been convenor, and is currently an active member, of a number of CEN committees set up to frame new European Standards on industrial doors and shutters, acting as UK technical expert in matters concerning these products.










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